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The Knowledge Management and Business Solution Providers

There are lots of solution providers out there, all promising to handle your project.

You may have heard stories of consulting firms only going so far, falling short on coordination, not recognizing gaps, and not handling them when they surface. A typical, big-firm approach is to send in account executives for strategy meetings, and after that, all you see is a parade of consultants. The momentum, continuity and final project goals are doomed from the beginning.

What makes Corporate Knowledge, Inc. different is that our highly-trained team works out the overall strategy with you, and then that same team gets in the trenches, does the work, pays attention to the details, fills the gaps and makes it happen. You may not think thatís so different, but consider this:

  • We bring a stable, cross-trained team to the project, eliminating the need for multiple firms, a revolving door of consultants, and the client having to manage specialty providers.
  • Your staffís suggestions, ideas and concerns are understood and acted upon.
  • CKI actually performs the work: We do not hand off to-do lists to your already over-leveraged staff, or expect you to supervise and coordinate the project Ė thatís our job.

Our team becomes a valuable stable point not only for your executives, but also for your staff. On many of our projects, our staff remain resources to our clientsí companies even after the projects are completed, resulting in long-term, sustainable continuous improvement relationships.

So, the difference? CKI provides total, coordinated solutions for your business. We hand off a completed solution, whether that be an implementation, content management, a shared service center, business process management, financial restructuring, transaction cost reduction, IT documentation or training. We deliver documentation, software, your trained staff, the cultural change necessary for your organization to embrace the new system, ongoing support, reporting, metrics. All of it.

Total Business Solutions

The main obstacle a company usually faces in outsourcing a project is the consulting firmís lack of planning, coordination and overall vision. Symptoms of this are endless series of meetings, your staff resources tied up, excessive ramp-up times and coverage gaps.

CKIís analysis methodologies allow an efficient survey of your companyís primary and secondary project goals, current factors, hidden opportunities, and dependencies across departments or service areas. We determine your key information and approval contacts. In a quick and efficient manner we flesh out the overall approach to your project, and identify opportunities for additional return on investment.

This distillation of goals, plans and programs represents a reduction of 35% in project time, planning and client reviews over typical strategy methodologies. This is a tremendous saving to the client, and allows CKI to proceed efficiently with a clear vision.


  • Return on investment is important to us. We want our completed project viewed as an excellent return for you.
  • Our clients should receive value-added benefits in excess of what they pay for.
  • Our projects must to provide the client with better utilization of systems, staff and processes.
  • We strive for standardization of processes and procedures to create more stable organizations.
  • We orient and train your staff to be more productive and to have greater use of their tools.
  • We do not ignore disconnects or apparent inconsistencies. We bring them to your attention and formulate bright ideas that lead to workable solutions.
  • We strive to find inexpensive, workable, long-term solutions for our clients.