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Here are a few of the CKI-specific methodologies that keep projects efficient and on-track.

20/80 Rule


To begin each project, we meet with key executives and personnel who understand the needs of the project and the organization. Through a specific methodology, we map out the goals of management, what each key player believes is needed in the project, as well as the primary and secondary goals for the project. Often the results will surprise everyone, but the end result is a distillation of goals, plans and programs. The direct result of a Warroom is that the project time, planning and client reviews is reduced by at least 35%. This is a tremendous saving to the client, and allows CKI to proceed efficiently with a clear vision.

Mapping Existing to Ideal Scene

Getting a clear picture of the current state of the area being addressed is not enough. In order to achieve a result with value, everyone must know what the ideal should be. Often this is understood by a few key people in the organization, but not by everyone, or is considered unattainable. CKI will map the current situation to the ideal scene in order to be most efficient in moving the client toward its ultimate goals.

Post-project Debrief

Hindsight is 20/20, and at the conclusion of each project we conduct a debrief to evaluate what went right, what went very right, and what went wrong. In the course of our projects we often identify areas of weakness or underutilization that management should know about, even if these items fall outside the scope of our project. In the same vein, we often have recommendations about certain organizational areas. The debrief allows all this information to be communicated to the proper individuals. This is a continuous process improvement tool that is key to CKI operations.