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User Driven

Users are the ones who have to use the system, read and understand a documentation manual, or receive training. As such, they are very important customers.

CKI ensures that the information end-users receive training and documentation that

  1. Reduces their actual work time by giving them practical solutions, like the 80/20 Rule.
  2. Distills the most critical data into easily understandable form
  3. Uses graphics to show processes or flows
  4. Delivers tools to speed research and increase job performance.

What is the value-added in the documentation or training your staff receives?

  1. Cross training your staff in different areas is easy, resulting in a mature work force.
  2. Cross training can be done in a self-study mode.
  3. Ramping up new employees is faster, with standardized materials they can self-study.
  4. Use your longevity or highly skilled staff for interning or apprenticeships of new employees, rather than babysitting the new person through his beginning training.
  5. CKI training platforms have a very small system impact (usually only several hundred kilobytes)
  6. Management gains a greater return on investment through quickly trained and proficient employees, greater utilization of system capabilities, standardized materials and practices.