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ACquire Data Mining Tool

ACquire is a reporting tool developed by ACquire-Data (Alltel).

What Users Can Do with ACquire (PDF, 90 Kb)
Some of the tasks users can accomplish.
ACquire Installation and Report Definitions Issues (PDF, 177 Kb)
White paper on various installation activities and how ACquire can fit into the company's environment.
ACquire Impact on IT Area (PDF, 97 Kb)
How the ACquire tool impacts the MIS/IT area.
ACquire Installation and Training Roles (PDF, 101 Kb)
Who does what and when.

Online Documentation

Distance Learning (PDF, 154 Kb)
White paper on various aspects of implementing a CBT/WBT system.
Establishing Online Systems (PDF, 159 Kb)
How CKI helps you establish your online documentation system.
Full Text Search (PDF, 173 Kb)
Contrasts and compares how various Help systems perform full-text searches.
Online Help Security (PDF, 102 Kb)
A possible implementation of establishing security access to some parts of a Help system.
Online Production Flow (PDF, 176 Kb)
Flows of creating and maintaining the online documentation system.
The Online Bulletin Board (PDF, 103 Kb)
Possible subjects or areas that could benefit from CKI's Online Bulletin Board.