Business Tools

Corporate Knowledge gives you the opportunity to rapidly deploy some new, effective and powerful tools to all ranges of users, vendors and customers to help them perform their job/tasks more effectively. We are here to help you gain all of the advantages that you can by using these tools within your organization.

Workflow Tools

Many companies have specific approval requirements, and often Sarbanes-Oxley requires tracing and retaining these approvals. Frequently, even when the approval limits are specific, getting approval on a request may take days, weeks or even months because the "paperwork" gets routed around, sits in baskets and perhaps gets completely lost.

CKI successfully implemented an AP Invoice Workflow system at a world-wide company. The implementation resulted in bringing the approval cycle down from several weeks to hours or days. With the tool, the company was able to respond to a vendor's inquiry in minutes rather than hours or days. Plus, once an invoice was in the system, it was never lost!

Dashboard Tools

Scorecards and Dashboards have come into focus as a primary Business Intelligence tool in the past several years. They are considered so important that many of the large Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as Oracle and SAP offer them as a module.

Smaller management systems can use third-party tools and draw data directly from the current systems. In either case, the implementation success depends directly on finding and using the correct Key Process Indicators (metrics) for each function.

Corporate Knowledge has a long experience in helping companies discover their Key Performance Indicators and then helping to implement successful methods of tracking them.

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Collaboration Portals

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is an on-demand business solution, designed specifically to help an organization manage information and activities. Not only as a secure repository for important files but acts as one central location to track tasks, events, announcements, shared contacts and much more.

Corporate Knowledge can help you design, implement and administer your company's own SharePoint Services portal whether or not you use the full SharePoint Portal product.

Handheld Data Collection Devices

Modern companies rely heavily on very fast flow of products through their operations. They also rely on many physical assets to enable them to do their processes efficiently. Keeping track of product flow through manufacturing, tracking location and calibration of necessary equipment, raw material and finished goods inventories are all bottlenecks in a company's operations.

Both fixed and handheld data collection terminals can use RFID (Radio Frequency ID) or barcode tags on products, assets or goods to enable the company rapidly track and determine the status of them. CKI successfully designed, developed, implemented and trained a fixed asset system for a world-wide company using handheld intelligent barcode-scanning terminals to track their valuable assets from acquisition through their entire life cycle.

Record Retention and Scanning

Records are a company's memory. Without records and history, it cannot benefit from its experience and will tend to repeat the same errors it always has.

Record retention is frequently a legal or regulatory issues, such as retain contracts, testing results and the like. Many companies retain records by boxing them up and sending them to offsite storage. To do an audit, they usually have to guess which boxes have the records, retrieve them and sort through them all. This takes time (which is expensive) and often they cannot find the records!

While paper will probably be with us for a long time to come, scanning and converting paper documents into searchable, immediately accessible electronic documents shortcuts the issues talked about above. Once a document is in the document imaging system, it cannot be lost in a box somewhere.

CKI can help you determine what documents you need to retain (and for how long), decide which documents to convert to electronics, choose an imaging or Content Management System and implement that system.

These systems frequently work in conjunction with a workflow tool; CKI implemented both a document imaging system and workflow tool at a world-wide company. Send in a Request for Quote today!

Purchase Cards

Cost per transaction is a key metric in a company's financial department. Paying vendor invoices involves not only getting the invoice approved but also responding to their questions ("When am I getting paid?") as well as cutting and sending out checks.

In our experience, an analysis of your transaction costs might well find you are paying more to:

  • Create a purchase requisition
  • Approve the purchase requisition
  • Create the purchase order
  • Send the purchase order to the vendor
  • Handle and open the incoming invoice
  • Get the invoice approved
  • Match the invoice against the purchase order and goods/service receipt
  • Cut the check
  • Send the check to the vendor

than the actual product or service itself costs.

Purchasing cards are often a good solution to acquiring lower-cost goods and services. The designated company staff can use their card like a debit or credit card and bypass almost all of the above steps.

The outsourced bank does all the card accounting, the department supervisors do the review and approval and often the company needs to approve only one check or bank transfer to the bank. Compare the cost of one payment to thousands, and you might find your costs are much more than you expected.

CKI implemented a purchase card system in a world-wide company and saved them thousands if not millions in purchasing and payment costs. In fact, the particular bank offered a cost rebate at a certain volume which could pay for the entire system implementation within a year!

ACH Transactions

The cost of cutting and sending a check is increasing all the time. Using ACH or electronic payments to your vendors can not only decrease your cost but also speed your vendors' payments by many times. What do you think that would do to your vendor relationships?

CKI implemented an ACH system in a world-wide company which resulted both in faster payment time and less cost and effort in the Accounts Payable department. Send in a Job Order today to get an initial quote on your system.

Expense Reporting

Company staff frequently incur expenses while doing their duties. Travel, trade shows, accommodations, meals and the like are are required to get their jobs done.

Most companies have the staff front the cost of these required expenses then submit an expense report for reimbursement. Most staff don't mind that so much; what they do mind is the long delay in getting reimbursed while the paperwork migrates its way through the approval routing and through Account Payable.

An electronic expense reporting system eliminates both the cost (to the company) and time for reimbursement (to the staff). With built-in electronic approval routing and often direct payment to a staff member's account, the time and effort are cut way back.

Since the expenses are now recorded and maintained electronically, they can easily be reported and verified during both internal and external audits. Electronic record retention has almost always been show to be more efficient, timely and accurate than trying to find the paperwork again after a couple of years.

CKI helped implement an electronic expense reporting system at a world-wide company with great success in reducing the paperwork expense, decreasing the staff's out-of-pocket time and increasing the visibility and accuracy of expense reporting to the financial system.

Delegation of Authority

The Board of Directors of a company usually reserves the right to approve proposed high-value expenses (capital or otherwise) but delegates the approval authority for lower-value to their managers and department heads.

In many companies this delegation of authority is often informal, inefficient and increases the time (and expense) of approving expenditures. A formal Delegation of Authority is necessary from legal or regulatory requirements (such as Sarbanes-Oxley) and just to make the approval process run smoothly.

CKI has helped straighten out several Delegation of Authority policies to make them both more effective and faster.

Service Level Agreements

External and internal customers have an expectation of a level of service. Developing or reviewing these Service Level Agreements is necessary so all parties know both what to expect and what to provide.

CKI has a proven methodology to help you sort out, refine and implement your Service Level Agreements.

Online Manuals, Documentation and References

In most companies, their policy, procedure and reference manuals occupy a prominent position on the staff's bookshelves. The "importance" of their position is seemingly reflected by the amount of shelf space occupied.

Now, if you ask one of them to look up something, you'll probably find the manuals are either out of date (there are several paper updates stuck in drawers someplace) or the user can't find what they need without spending an inordinate amount of time. What ends up happening is that if the user really wants to know something, he'll call someone on the telephone, ask the person at the next desk or just make a wild guess.

CKI has extensive experience in creating online libraries for policies, procedures and references. See our Frequently Asked Questions about online documentation, then send in a Request for Quote today!

Enterprise Portals

Enterprise portals are the entry point for a company's staff to get to the information they need every day. The portals might contain important news about the company, upcoming events and many other resources which need to be disseminated widely.

As soon as a company gets beyond the size where they can decide everything in a hallway meeting, they need a portal to spread information. As part of that portal, individuals frequently need a collaboration tool for discussion and ad-hoc routing of documents.

Many major Enterprise Requirement Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle enable you to implement such a portal. Microsoft's SharePoint and Team Services as well as the open-source Alfresco are available third-party solutions.

No matter what vendor you might have interest in, planning and implementing the solution is more important than the vendor. CKI has helped several companies design the relative importances, layout, resources needed and user training needed to make it a success. Send us a Job Order today to get started.

Enterprise Reporting

Reports tell a company what they are doing and how well they are doing it. Most system have a set of "standard" reports which the end user has to dig through to find out the information they need to do their function. This applies as much to the high-level executive as it does to the stock clerk!

CKI has a long experience in developing specialty reports with Business Object's Crystal Reports in many areas of the enterprise. Scorecards and Dashboards provide the Key Process Indicators, but reports are needed to provide the detail needed to solve issues they indicate.

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Specific Tools


  • Conversion data-tracking reports
  • Change Management tracking reports


See our Frequently Asked Questions about online documentation.

User Documentation

  • User Requirements
  • Standards
  • Flow/Process Diagrams
  • Checksheets
  • Online documentation
  • Policies and Procedures (send us a Request for Quote)
  • Reports/Forms Manuals
  • Work Instructions
  • Desktop Procedures
  • Online Help

Product Documentation

  • Installation/Configuration
  • Operation Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • System/Languages
  • Reference Manuals
  • Tool Management
  • Parts/Reordering
  • Certification
  • Online Help
  • Retrofits Manuals

System Documentation

  • Hardware Manuals
  • Network Manuals
  • Programmer Guides
  • Testing Procedures
  • Data Integrity Standards
  • Data Mapping
  • Reference Manuals
  • Disaster Recovery Manuals

Training Documentation

  • Training Manuals
  • Trainer Guidelines
  • Tutorials
  • Training Administrator Guidelines
  • Online Audio/Video Streaming Presentations
  • Large Exhibits
  • Cheat Sheets/Matrixes
  • Glossaries
  • Testing
  • Reference Guides

Sales/Marketing Documentation

  • Product Presentation
  • Online Product Training
  • Sales Workbooks
  • Data Sheets
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting/Statistics Analysis
  • Performance Measurements
  • Commissions Reporting

Executive Management Reporting

  • Enterprise Reporting on multiple-platform information