Careers with CKI

We are a consulting firm that has provided help and business solutions to major corporations since 1983. We have a broad base of experience, and we ourselves are a learning organization - we debrief after every project, identify strengths and weakness so we can continuously improve our own processes. We maintain an archive of templates and documents which we can utilize to save clients money. We also operate our organization on statistics that measure honest production.

We have also identified major purposes that underlie every project, whether it be writing, implementation or training.

  • Documentation is not just words on a page or on a screen. Words must achieve understanding that can be turned into use.
  • Documentation that cannot be understood cannot be used, and is worthless.
  • Ideas and information must be organized and distilled down to their basics and communicated simply.
  • Graphics are indispensable as an undercut, a fast way to allow a user to visualize a concept. Information must be presented in a gradiently-arranged approach to bring the reader/user/trainee successfully up increasing levels of difficulty and application.
  • There is a "ramp up" process when presenting new or reorganized material to any user group. The user culture must clearly recognize how it will benefit them or they will not use it, period. This is usually in terms of making a procedure faster or easier, or putting oft-used and valuable information at the users' fingertips.

Who is a CKI Consultant?

The CKI team is a set of multi-talented individuals, each with his or her own range of specialization. We have investigators and analyzers, wordsmiths, database experts and application gurus. We have photographers and graphic artisans. We have system implementation experts with over 20 years experience on over 100 implementations. We also have expert trainers who how to achieve actual understanding and use in their trainees. Above all, CKI team members are willing to take responsibility for accomplishing the products required on a project.

We have read about or talked to the tech writer who claims to be a "do it all" consultant. This is a nice goal, but it is not particularly workable, and may miss the mark altogether. We are not after tech writers, we are after problem solvers. Therefore, not everybody qualifies to be a part of the CKI team. We train our staff on exact methodologies to achieve uniform results, but we also need individuals with number of specific qualities. We are not necessarily looking for 9 years of this experience or 5 years of that, though this can be a plus.

Here are some of the necessary qualities required for an individual to be part of our team:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Strong analytic and problem solving ability
  • Fast learner
  • Competent and literate technical writer
  • Possesses design and visualization skills
  • Able to work with and direct people (management skill)
  • Can translate experience across businesses and platforms
  • Money and accounting basics
  • An understanding of manufacturing
  • Willing to be trained in exact methodologies
  • Can think "outside the box"
  • Can train others to understanding
  • Can use most common word processing, database and diagramming programs such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Visio, Publisher, PageMaker, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Acquire, Crystal Reports

If you possess these qualities, or have most and want to acquire the rest, we would like to hear from you. Please email your resume as a Word document or Acrobat .PDF document with a cover letter to