Case Study: California Commerce Bank

CCB was maintaining over 100 policies and procedures with an MS-DOS based word processor. The Vice President of Documentation was maintaining over 100 copies of the Operations Manual (with more than 2000 pages per manual) scattered over several Southern California and Mexico sites. He had to make changes in several policies and procedures each week just to keep up with regulatory requirements and be in compliance with them.

  • CKI helped establish the standards, modularization, graphics, and structure of the documentation when CCB decided to update to a full Windows Help system. They converted more than 2000 pages into one consistent, fully cross-referenced and indexed Windows Help file.

With the new system, CCB distributes its manual solely on-line; when changes are required, they are done in one location. The manual's Help file is on the bank's network server and all the bank personnel have direct access to it. CCB has eliminated:

  • Thousands of dollars per year of hard-copy reproduction and distribution costs.
  • Hundreds of feet of shelf space for difficult-to-use binders.
  • Concern as to whether the piece of paper being used is the current policy.

Telephone directory and communication standards are used on a daily basis. The entire enterprise uses the system. Training for new employees is enhanced by having all procedures on-line. New employees can rapidly get specific information to inform them of how to handle the functions and processes of their area.