Chuck Jones, President
Corporate Knowledge, Inc.
4444 Auckland Avenue
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

I want to thank you for the online library and bulletin board CKI implemented for Cal Savings. I am the Director of Information Technology, and want to make some specific comments about the work you have done for us.

  1. We found that CKI came in and rapidly assessed our needs, presented us with samples and various options from which to select. CKI refined the application to our needs and quickly got it up and running.
  2. It was very important that the online library and online bulletin board have no significant impact on our system, and that is exactly the result. The application CKI used for this project is a simple off-the-shelf tool. We did not have to deal with any large software program that required expensive modifications, and there has been no system impact whatsoever to MIS. This economy and simplicity is appreciated.
  3. One of our training department staff was selected as the application custodian for the new online library and bulletin board. CKI has provided training and continuing support and as a result, our custodian is able to process and distribute updated files on a very part-time basis.
  4. Our previous information distribution system required our personnel to distribute updates, announcement and policy changes to each of the branches, verify that they'd been received and sometimes spend additional time re-sending information. Now the custodian receives updates, and can process and distribute them automatically. This represents a significant cost saving to us. Our information is always current, always available to every employee, and with little time spent at administration.
  5. To our surprise, we reaped unanticipated benefits from this project. The bulletin board and online library is a great hit with our employees. Aside from the fact that it is very easy for all employees to use, it allows new employees to become oriented to their duties. We are adding our employee manual to the application, so that orientation is streamlined. The information is up to date and easily accessible to all.
  6. We have also consolidated all our internal employment opportunities onto the bulletin board, so our staff can review openings privately and can respond directly to Human Resources without missed opportunities. This replaces the multiple notice system (physical bulletin board notices, inter-office memos, etc.) and is a real value-added to our staff.
  7. Another value-added is the branch map and directory. We now have addresses for and directions to all of our branches online. This makes it very easy for any of our staff to quickly direct customers to our branch locations.
  8. We recently had an external auditor with us. We were able to direct the auditor to our documents, which were all online, all in one location. The audit went quickly and smoothly. We received an excellent review and a quick turnaround. This result is due to the excellent online tool CKI has provided.

In closing, we are very pleased with your work and thank you for providing Cal Savings with a very workable tool.

Alan Branum
Director of Information Technology