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Manufacturing Clients

Alpine Electronic of America

Online Help:
  • Sample Sales and Training Tool

See the case study.

American Honda Corporation

Business and Procedures Analysis
 "AMPS" Automated Motorcycle and Power Equipment System):
  • Performed an analysis of multi-departmental distribution-related activities, system testing, and training of Honda staff.
  • Documented 27 areas of the company operations.
Communications Effectiveness Study:
  • Performed an analysis of National Dealer Development's Publication System, related to all American Honda dealers (automobiles, motorcycles, power equipment, etc.). Twenty-seven manuals were covered in this project.
  • Recommended system revisions, which would result in increased dealer effectiveness.
  • Assisted in Motorcycle Division Training Development and Training Program.

American Isuzu Motors Inc.

Development of End-User Documentation for a Dealer Preference System:
  • Developed end-user documentation for input from U.S. dealers to both national and regional distribution and sales managers.
  • Coordinated with data processing personnel and users to develop this manual with tutorial, reference, and checklist documentation.

Del Mar Window Coverings Inc.

Policies and Procedures:
  • Financial Computer Systems Procedures Manual:
    • Developed and wrote user guides for financial systems, coordinating with data processing personnel and users. The objective was to document the user-selected options and correct usage of a purchased package.

Epson America

Epson America distributes printers, consumables (ink, paper), multimedia projectors and scanners for home and business use. CKI started working with Epson America in 2007.

Sales and Marketing

WarRooms in the Long Beach USA headquarters:

  • Identified major areas of concern.
  • Recommended detailed actions to eliminate, simplify, complete and certify transactions for the Sales, Sales Operations, Credit and Customer Relations departments.
Ink Packaging and Distribution in the U.S.A.
  • Did on-site consumable supply process analysis of the three main US sites.
  • Performed deep analysis of the consumables inventory forecasting and procurement.
  • Identified disparate inventory data among several systems.
  • Created detailed flow analysis of the information supply chain, ink demand forecasting, order fulfillment, production, cycle count, sales updating, media demand forecasting and media supply chain processes.
  • Created 15 critical action items for the three sites.

Eastman Kodak

Policies and Procedures:
  • End-User Documentation for SWIFT System:
    • Developed the end-user documentation for a totally automated and highly sophisticated warehouse system.
    • Developed documentation "Library", which fully covered all aspects of the system
    • Developed Maintenance Manual which facilitated easy updating of the Documentation Library.

Excellon Automation

PartLink Photography:
  • Digitally photographed, edited and arranged over 1,000 parts for inclusion on the PartLink spare parts web site.
  • Digitally photographed, edited and annotated 51 subassemblies for inclusion on the web site.

Grow Group, Inc.

Policies and Procedures:
  • Inventory and Financial Computer Systems:
    • Developed and wrote user guides for Inventory and Financial Systems, coordinating with data processing personnel and a user group. Documented pproximately fifteen systems.
    • Researched and consulted with programmers and users to determine the capabilities and options of the system.

International Rectifier, Inc.

See Case Study

International Rectifier is a global organization that has re-engineered and restructured its North American divisions (approximately 3500 employees), as well as some of its global processes. CKI performed global financial restructuring and other projects as follows:

Shared Service Center

From 2003 to 2006, collaborated with in-house SMEs and external consultants in the analysis, mapping and strategy to implement the Shared Service Center for 19 world-wide sites (See the Shared Service Center success story).

Major part of team which investigated and documented current processes for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets (See the Fixed Assets success story)
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Control
  • Inter-company AP processing

Major part of team which designed and documented best practices to be processes for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Implemented ACH payments to vendors
  • Implemented Purchasing Cards
  • Implemented Invoice Processing workflow
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets:
  • Specified upgraded Construction in Progress and Fixed Asset systems
  • Documented CIP and FA systems (AS400)
  • Designed, programmed and fully tested system for fixed asset barcode tagging utilizing a handheld barcode scanner and data collection terminal:
  • New assets
  • Accept assets into production
  • Audit assets
  • Dispose of assets
  • Transfer/Receive assets
  • Designed and created training courses and manuals for fixed asset users.
  • General Ledger closes
  • Fixed Assets

1997- 1998 - Established a Fixed Asset Department for the main division by performing the following tasks: Analysis, new policies and procedures, re-engineering the authorization/approval process, inventory controls, established full asset reporting, and measurement processes for performance recognition. We also performed the required coordination and alignment of Purchasing, Receiving, Accounts Payable, Cost Accounting, General Accounting, Finance, Tax Audits, and upper management to manage approximately $700 million in fixed assets. CKI also provided training to management, as well as to departmental supervisors and equipment custodians.

General Ledger

2001- 2002 Assisted with implementation of a new global General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, and restructuring of the Accounts Payable department. CKI performed analysis and review, produced work instructions, policies and procedures, reports, and forms to facilitate the project in the North American division. CKI assisted with the generation of reporting by establishing controls, reports, and reconciliation processes. Assisted with all phases of conversion.

Return Material Authorization

1997 - 1998 - Performed analysis and establishment of new Return Material Authorization procedures. This included required coordination and alignment of delegation of authority, Sales and Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, Receiving, Quality Control, Audits, and General Accounting areas. All departments are able to view all return authorization activities as they occur, versus prior, when reporting data was 30-60 days old. Implemented the first phase of an imaging process to record the physical condition of returned product. Training and documentation also produced.

Inventory Control

2004 2005 - Sarbanes Oxley review of all processes and process maps of Cost Accounting Sarbanes Oxley audit.

Troubleshoot of Mexico inventory systems. The facility was using various disparate systems that were being coordinated via an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet system. Made recommendations for revised approach. Also audited entire WIP (Work in Progress) and inventory.

Performed global WIP inventory to confirm against accounts.

Documented standard costing system and how the system is executed with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system (Vision).

Created documentation for:

  • Reference categories
  • Standard costs
  • Manufacturing Order combines, splits, issuing components and rework
  • WIP Valuation
  • Scrap
  • Receiving Raw Material
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Reporting variances

1998 - Developed and established a Finance/General Accounting Reference On-line Library for use by all internal and external departments of the North American division. Currently, several modules are in place and used on a regular basis. Provided training to key IR personnel, so that the user community can maintain its on-line library content.

1998 - Developed numerous reports that unified data from various computer platforms, which were not previously integrated, so that departments and upper management could effectively manage their areas. Some of the areas affected were Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Finance, Accounting, and Cost Accounting, on a global as well as divisional basis using ACquire, Crystal Reports, Access, and Lotus reports for both upload and download to AS/400 and network platforms. Training was provided to some users so they could create their report requirements as needed.

1998 - Assisted in the development of policies and procedures for implementation of a new global forecasting methodology to more accurately reflect the future product needs of OEM and Distributor customers. Developed training materials for self-help, as well as delivered training.

1998- 1999 - Established new policies and procedures, as well as extensively detailed reporting, for customer credit and debit transactions for both inter-company and external company bases.

Metronic MiniMed

MiniMed in Northridge, CA, manufactures insulin pumps with automatic glucose monitoring capabilities.

Telecom Automatic Call Detection and Routing

Investigated and documented:

  • ACD system and component architecture
  • Call Center scripts for Clinical, IT and Customer Service
  • System Function and Failure modes
  • Call Center equipment move, add and change processes

Optical Research Associates



RB Industries (Furniture)

Policies and Procedures:
  • Designed and developed the documentation for the integrated Order Entry, Accounts, and Inventory System encompassing the RB furniture stores, marketing, warehouse, and accounting areas. Manuals were specifically designed for each area.
  • Documented business procedures.

Rosemount Analytical

Product Documentation/Online Help:
  • Converted and updated six NGA 2000 Analyzer Products manuals from Ventura Publisher to MS Word and Online Help (Doc-to-Help). Each manual includes:
    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Maintenance
    • Management

St. Jude Medical


Siemens Solar Industries

Policies and Procedures:
  • ISO 9000 procedure documentation for:
    • Purchasing
    • Warehouse
    • Sales Order Administration
  • The documentation is aligned to fit with existing certified and approved ISO 9000 requirements.

Ushio America

  • Seminar and Corporate Warroom/Facilitation Review

Yamaha International