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Petroleum Industry Clients

Arco Petroleum Products

Procedures Manual:
  • Designed and developed a manual for the AM/PM Mini Mart Accounting System. The manuals were distributed to 500 marts throughout Southern California.
  • Developed the user guides for an Inventory and Financial Reporting System, to be used by the Inventory Control and Marketing groups.
  • Coordinated with data processing personnel and a user group to develop this manual.

Conoco Phillips

Los Angeles Refinery Business Recovery Plan
  • Designed, developed and produced the pilot Business Recovery Plan documentation for the Los Angeles Refinery servers. SharePoint Implementation
  • Designed and taught taxonomy (categories and indexing) for the Los Angeles Refinery documents.
  • Oversaw the installation and configuration of the SharePoint server software.
  • Designed, created and taught SharePoint user courses including dashboard creation, Getting Started Guide and procedures, Personal Dashboard setups and managing content
Policies and Procedures
  • Created the manual and courses for the Refinery Information Services polices and procedures.

Sante Fe International

Policies and Procedures:
  • Preventative Maintenance System user documentation:
    • Established User Documentation Standards for large international company's wide range of users.
    • Designed and developed the documentation of a large system that encompassed the Oil Rig Preventative Maintenance System.

Unocal Corporation

Policies and Procedures:
  • Developed overall Policies and Procedures for Fixed Assets, as well as general guidelines to be used corporate-wide in the request and relocation of employee offices.
  • Developed and prepared overall policies and procedures for Problem and Change Management Program for MIS and the user community. Addressed the establishment and maintenance of the Customer Service department for the corporate facilities.