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Software Industry Clients

Alpharel, Inc.

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  • Alpha Scan program (image management)

Datalogix International (now part of Oracle)

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  • Converted seventeen CIMPRO manuals from Ventura Publisher (paper-only) to MS Word and Online Help (Doc-to-Help).

Phoenix Software

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  • Updated and converted the Client Upgrade manual to IBM Bookmaker.

Quark Inc.

QuarkXPress and the Quark Publishing system are the main products of this Denver, Co, based world-wide company with 19 entities around the world.

In 2007, Quark was doing its financial reporting with Excel spreadsheets. This required manual Trial Balance generation and downloading for each entity, then manually merging them together in Excel to produce a consolidated worldwide Balance Sheet and Income statement. To produce one month’s reports took about 12 to 15 hours of completely manual work.

With two Quark analysts, CKI created an Access-based report generator to become the Book of Record while the mainframe financial application was being re-implemented. Within two months, the Consolidation System was producing the Balance Sheet and Income Statement within fifteen minutes. This included direct Trial Balance download into the Access database, generating the reports, exporting them for Excel formatting and printing.

The time saved was at least 12 hours each month. With all the entries directly available for each financial entity and with the Access query capability, issues and trends became much more visible and easier to correct.

West Group Management (ACquire-Data with Altell)

  • Created system documentation for the DOS-based ACquire Data Warehousing program.