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The subjects of Knowledge Transfer and Management cover a wide area.

Articulating the value of the knowledge transfer expert
Ross Squire Vice-President, Knowledge Transfer International.
"Inspired by books like Hammer and Champy's Reengineering the Corporation and Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline, a new conversation spread through the business community in the late 1980s."...
Business Process Domain: Skill & Knowledge Transfer
Pearl Advisory Group. Training, coaching and monitoring.
Description of the process: The objective of this process is to create value for the "student" receiving the skills and knowledge. They are the only customers of this process. When "student" needs are met, this process makes an important contribution to call centre performance:"...
Knowledge Management World Online
Online resources, buyer's guide and more.
Knowledge Management
CIO Magazine.
"Unfortunately, there's no universal definition of knowledge management (KM), just as there's no agreement as to what constitutes knowledge in the first place. For this reason, it's best to think of KM in the broadest context. Succinctly put, KM is the process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Most often, generating value from such assets involves codifying what employees, partners and customers know, and sharing that information among employees, departments and even with other companies in an effort to devise best practices. It's important to note that the definition says nothing about technology; while KM is often facilitated by IT, technology by itself is not KM."
Know What You Know
CIO Magazine.
"All healthy organizations generate and use knowledge. As organizations interact with their environments, they absorb information, turn it into knowledge and take action based on it in combination with their experiences, values and internal rules."...