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Online Help - Advanced Workshop

Online help is a revolutionary way to migrate programs, policy and procedure and announcements to all your company users. Be gone with cumbersome paper manuals that quickly become outdated and take up shelf space. Instead, use an online library for your text files, flows, matrices, and company directory that has almost no impact on your network server. Information is easily updated and only part-time custodian duties are needed.

The Advanced Workshop will expose attendees to very advanced online library developer tools. This seminar is ideal for updating an existing project, adding new features, or implementing a planned project. Customize your online library to fit your organization's style and purpose.

CKI offers three Online Help workshops: Beginning, Intermediate and Developer's. The Beginner and Intermediate Online Help Workshops are prerequisites for this course. We suggest arranging to receive all three courses on a continuing schedule. In this way your developers will learn intensively and become competent without having to refresh previously learned information.

In the Online Help Intermediate Workshop, you will:

  • Create and modify complex WinWord styles
  • Create and modify WinWord macros for automation
  • Create new graphics and optimize color palettes
  • Understand and use WinHelp macros, including ability to launch and use other programs
  • Use WinHelp macros to modify the appearance and functionality of a project
  • Be able to design and implement a new project

Who Should Attend

  • IT personnel
  • Documentation Custodians
  • Training Department personnel

Seminar Outline

  • Orientation
  • Specialized WinWord Styles
  • Hierarchies
  • Font Choices
  • Font Sizes
  • Colors (text and graphics, WinHelp areas)
  • Colorblindness
  • Create and Modify WinWord Files for Automation
  • Recording WinWord Macros
  • Modifying WinWord Macros
  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Macro logic
  • Windows API (Application Program Interface)
  • Advanced WinHelp Macros
  • Macro References
  • Browse
  • Buttons
  • Creating And Modifying WinHelp Menus
  • Using Third Party Applications
  • Creating New Graphics
  • Vector, Bitmap and Raster
  • Optimizing Graphics color palettes
  • Combine and Integrate Project Files
  • WinHelp Macros and Third Party Applications
  • Modify the Appearance and Functionality of the Project Files
  • Design and Implement A New Project
  • Creating Other Publications from RoboHelp


Advanced Word for Windows user, Online Help Beginner's and Intermediate Workshops. Please contact Chuck Jones at (818) 841-9660 or for any questions regarding prerequisites.

Length of Seminar

Four days: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Seminar delivered at your location)

Price of Seminar

$3200.00. Includes 100+ page color manual. Does not include travel or lodging (if applicable). Does not include attendees' computer or software (see Requirements). Price based on two people in attendance. $400.00 for each additional attendee. To register, contact Chuck Jones at (818) 841-9660 or


  • One personal computer for each attendee
  • RoboHelp Office (latest version)
  • At least one graphics program such as Visio, Corel Draw Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop
  • At least one compression archive manager such as WinZip

Contact Chuck Jones at (818) 841-9660 or for specific computer requirements and software costs.