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Windows Help Tips

Put your own personal notes on a Help topic. Look under the Edit menu (or right-click the topic window) and select Annotate. Fill in the note dialog and save it. Now, when you go to that topic, there's a small paper clip in the upper left corner. Click it and up pops your note; you can change it, add to it or delete it.

Make Help a bit easier to see. If you have not-so-good eyesight or work on a high-resolution screen, that print looks mighty small. You can make it larger; look under the Options menu (or right-click the topic window) and select Font. You can select between small, normal, and large. The small makes it even smaller (for those with great vision), normal is the default size, and larger makes all the print larger. The setting you choose will stay on your machine until you change it.

Navigation Tip: If you want to retrace your navigation to a window you were at quite some time ago, you can look under the Options menu and select Display History Window. This shows a list of the topics you've visited in this session of Help; just double-click the topic you want.

Got a Help topic you look at frequently, like a cross-reference list? Put a bookmark on it so you can get there in just a couple mouse clicks. Find the topic. Under the Bookmark menu (or right-click the topic window in some versions of WinHelp), select Define Bookmarks, and enter a name for your topic. Now, the next time you want to go there, you can show your bookmark list under the Bookmark menu and jump right to your topic.