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Types of Training

There are many different types of training, not just the generic "train the people":


This gives a general overview of an area and is usually heavy on the theory. An example of this is Human Resources new employee orientation which can cover the layout of the building, an introduction to the organizational structure, and working hours.


Task training can be both formal and just-in-time. This can often be covered with reference materials such as online documentation (How Do I ...) or cheat sheets. The formal training on these often can be where to find the reference, not necessarily how to do the task.


These are "things" used to produce the product, such as mainframe computer systems, desktop applications, machine operating instructions, and how to use our product.


These deal with the flow of product creation. A product can be anything from an accounting report to a $10,000,000 machine. The process training shows how the actions among the departments, areas and people work together.

Rules, Policies and Procedures

These are more specific parts of an orientation such as the policy on overdue Accounts Receivable, Safety Rules for being in Building 15, fire escape routes, and Disaster Recovery (where do I go, who calls me, whom do I call?)